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Association for the support of the women in Africa through DRDA (Diar Rehabilitation and Development Association)






Past history

I lived and worked in Southern Sudan for seven years, from 2005 to 2012. During this time, when working in a three years contract for Diakonie Emergency Aid, I got to know Karak Denyok and her organization DRDA (Diar for Rehabilitation and Development Association). "Diar" is the word for "women" in the Dinka language, Karak's mother tongue. The main target group of DRDA are women and their children, who are the most vulnerable group in catastrophic circumstances.

Civil war has been raging in Southern Sudan since 2013, with millions of displaced people and hundred thousand of refugees in camps in the country's interior and in neighbouring Kenya and Uganda dependent on foreign aid. Here DRDA provides help for the benefit of those in need. The support programme covers the areas of nutrition and farming, school/adult education and health/hygiene. Of course, the aid is granted to all those in need, regardless of their ethnic or religious affiliation. Thus the activities in the mixed groups also serve the purpose of communication among each other and are thus peacemaking.

Even after my return from Africa, I cultivated my relationships there. In the meantime, after a sabbatical year in Italy, I had a disaster relief mission for Cartitas International in the Philippines, where I live with my partner and her children in our common house. Since I still feel connected to the people in Africa and I still remember my time with pleasure, I have decided to support DRDA in the future within my possibilities.

For this purpose I would like to found the organization "DIAR Deutschland" after my return to Germany, to collect donations, to apply for project funding and to organize cooperation with other organizations.

For more information about  the DIAR foundation in the US: https://www.diarfoundation.org